Hi? Mr. Flavic? Mrs. Flavic? Adam here. I couldn’t get you on your cell? And you said you’d call the house to pick up your messages? So here is one. It’s kind of weird standing here talking to you—to your machine, I guess—and hearing myself at the same time. Really, wow!

So, anyway, thanks for asking me to house-sit for a week. My mom’s real proud. Said you guys must like living dangerously. But I don’t think a beach vacation is all that dangerous. Between you and me, I think she’s glad to get rid of me for a few days, you know?  Not for any bad reason, it’s just she doesn’t like loud parties—know what I mean? An age thing, I guess.

Whoa! Careful, dude.

So, anyway, I have a couple of questions? How many cats do you have? I thought you said two, but I’ve just seen a black one. He’s a good mouser, though. Or she. Who knew mice have so much blood in them? That wasn’t my second question, though, this is: Are you sure your smoke detectors are working? No special reason, I was just wondering. Better safe than sorry, my grandma says. And she knows. Oh, and do you have more trash bags? The boxes you left are empty already. Wait, never mind, I’ll pick some up. I found your car keys! Do not stress, my learner’s permit came yesterday! I’ll bet you’re surprised! We forgot to talk about that. It’s all good.

Did you just hear a scream? Like really loud? It’s okay. I think it came from somewhere outside. There’s a lot to think about with a whole house to take care of! Inside, outside. There she goes again! You’ll be home when?

You guys should ask for a street light down here. Awfully dark at night. You could trip on something and break your leg or arm or some other bone if you weren’t really, really careful, just sayin’.

Still, it’s a really nice neighborhood! Even the cops are okay. Not great, but I assure you, they are way better than some. So, anyway, you guys just relax and have a good time. Don’t worry about things here. So, when are you coming home?