Travel Websites for Readers

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The Literary Traveler website links travel experiences and opportunities with the books, movies, and other artistic output originating from that place. Articles often feature out-of-the-ordinary places and themes, as well as locations with a literary past or some other relevant hook. For example, a recent article on Dubai described a Festival of Literature held there. This fall, the site organizers are planning a group trip to New Orleans, complete with reading list. You’ll find descriptions of hotels that have artistic connections and gear recommendations. There’s a fun blog, too, of readers’ travel adventures.

BootsnAll is a website for independent travelers that, inspiringly, features RTW (Around the World) travel. I chuckled seeing a recent article entitled “The Importance of Optimism”—no doubt a necessary bit of mental gear for dealing with the adversities ambitious travel agendas are likely to present. The site covers a full range of information for travelers, including a section on literature and a nifty travel planner to launch those wanderlust dreams. includes book suggestions for just about wherever travel may take you and your children. Pleased to see a book of favorite Japanese children’s stories I’ve given as a gift is currently featured on the home page!

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