Who is?

I’m glad you’re here. I’m Vicki Weisfeld, and I write for you.

Do you know that one American in four hasn’t read a book in the past year? As good as my imagination is, I can’t picture a life like that. Reading and writing are my life.

In high school, I edited the school newspaper. In college, I was a journalism major. There, I learned to get my facts straight and an awful lot about the First (and still the Best) Amendment.

After college, my do-gooder genes took over and I spent a lot of years helping nonprofit organizations tell their stories. I met amazing people, some with 2.9 strikes against them, many with extraordinary achievements. They enrich my memory and warm my heart. The work took me all over the country, to every kind of community, each one with something important to say.

Wanderlust and obsessive monitoring of my frequent flyer miles has led me to 22 other countries too—from Bulgaria to Denmark, from Costa Rica to Morocco. Those experiences inspired creation of fictional travel writer, Eugenia Clarke. Genie is an acute observer and insatiably curious, traits that contribute to her popularity but get her into trouble every time!

A decade ago, I left the comfortable world of regular paychecks and tech support to fly solo in my own airspace. Now I write fiction and almost-daily posts on this website. Plus, I review books for CrimeFictionLover.com and theater for TheFrontRowCenter.com.

I think you will find something to interest you here: I post news about my writing–those precious publications!–under the My Writing tab above, make book recommendations in Book Reviews, and give movie and theater reviews, travel tips, life hacks, and eye-rollers that might end up in a story of mine—or yours—sometime in Here’s the Latest.

If you’re a writer yourself, greetings (special fellow-writer handshake, fist-bump, and exchange of business cards). Posts especially for you are in the Writers’ First Draft section.

Because that “flying solo” thing can be isolating, authors really, truly value hearing from readers. Let me hear from you: vweisfeld7@gmail.com.

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