Writing . . .

Three more short stories will be available soon or even now! I’ll post ordering details when they’re available.

“The West Texas Rookie”– featuring young, tiny, Japanese American reporter Brianna Yamato in the macho newsroom of the Sweetwater, Texas, Register. Told to do a wrap-up on a four-victim homicide that no one wants to investigate, Brianna proves there’s always more to find out! She gets the story and you can too, when it appears in the December 2019 issue of Mystery Weekly.

“The Ghost Who Read the Newspaper,” in which a blinding snowstorm leads a pair of 1920s adventurers to a Connecticut inn, where they encounter its mysterious night visitor. Who was he, and why is he haunting this place? Level Best Books will include this story in Seascape: Best New England Crime Stories, available here.

“The Adventure at Sparremere Hall” will appear in the forthcoming anthology, Sherlock Holmes: Adventures in the Realm of Edgar Allan Poe. Writing a story in the voice of Dr. Watson was a rather large dose of fun. A Kickstarter campaign is under way for this volume. If you enjoy investing in such things, have at it! I did.

Hot off the Press . . . and I do mean hot! Texas hot.

Young reporter Brianna Yamatois stood up one night. But her date has an awfully good excuse. He’s been murdered. The bizarre circumstances stump the authorities until Brianna does what she does best. She digs.

It’s a treat to have this story in Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine – July August 2019 and in the company of so many fantastic mystery and crime writers! It’s my fourth story in this prestigious publication (see below for its predecessors.) Find it in the magazine section of your favorite big box bookstore. Or subscribe!

The Best Laid Plans, an anthology of short stories from Superior Shores Press is now available on Kindle and in print from Amazon .

The twenty-one short stories by some of today’s best-known authors in the genre include my story “Who They Are Now,” in which a legendary sportscaster is murdered under cover of a major Florida hurricane. Does an aging Hollywood star hold the key to finding the killer?

An all-around entertaining collection of mayhem! Collection edited by Canadian author Judy Penz Sheluk.

My short story “Above Suspicion” appears in Issue #26 of Sherlock Holmes Mystery Magazine. It’s my alternative exploration of Boston’s 1990 Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum heist–still unsolved and still the largest art theft and the largest property theft in history. The art hasn’t been recovered, and no arrests have been made. The FBI has stuck to its low-level mobster theory for nearly 30 years. I suggest a totally different brand of thieves.

Order it here and second-guess the FBI yourself!

Quoth the Raven is an award-winning anthology inspired by the groundbreaking writing of Edgar Allan Poe. The challenge was to retain Poe’s eerie sensibility in a story set in the modern day. The anthology includes my tale “Tooth and Nail,” inspired by Poe’s “Berenice” and “The Fall of the House of Usher,” which is guaranteed to make you glad you’re not a twin (or are you, unbeknownst . . ?)!

Quoth the Raven has won several prizes too. Available through Kobo, Barnes & Noble, and iBooks. Or here through Amazon.

In Print

Fall 2017: “The Penitent” was one of 18 stories (of 116 submissions) selected for the Bouchercon Anthology entitled Passport to Murder, a collection nominated for a 2018 Anthony Award. Order your copy here!

April 2017:  “Burning Bright” appears in this collection of crime fiction stories: Busted: Arresting Stories from the Beat. It’s a sentimental favorite for me, about a Wisconsin deputy sheriff determined to save a tiger from local ne’er-do-wells. Honorable Mention from the Public Safety Writers Association, the only published short story to receive an award in 2017.

April 2017: Murder Among Friends, includes a reprint of my short story “The Flock.” This is a fundraiser for the John Greenleaf Whittier Birthplace Museum.

Fall 2016: “Breadcrumbs” won a Short Mystery Fiction Society Derringer Award in 2017   and was the lead story in the magazine Betty Fedora–“kick-ass women in crime fiction.” You can read it here.

Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine

Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine has a 75+-year history, is billed as “the world’s leading mystery magazine,” and has almost 40,000 print and online subscribers, and is one of the most important paying markets for short mystery writers. It’s a big deal for me to be published there!

“A Slaying Song Tonight” – lead story in EQMM’s holiday edition (January/February 2017) edition. The story begins. . .

To Martin Benet, the blinking red-blue emergency lights looked rather festive. Still, he would bet they didn’t bring glad tidings.

Reader Comments: “The sleight of hand (not sure a better term) about what the story is about: trying to solve the mystery (alongside the characters and increasingly suspicious ourselves!) while what’s really at stake is [something else]….. Really just an enjoyable read, and surprising in its resolution and its effect. Congratulations!”

“Premeditation” – A Eugenia Clarke Mystery – Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine, February 2012 – Eugenia is haunted by the grizzly death of a solo hiker in Gates of the Arctic National Park, only to uncover a much more sinister double murder plot. Yes, I know how to spell grisly; I was making a pun. However, I’ve since noticed the word is frequently misspelled. I take n