Reading is Sooo Good for You!

reading, book


GalleyCat recently recycled a nifty infographic from Canada’s National Reading Campaign and CDC books showing what you probably already know—reading is good for you! Not only does it increase physical, mental, and emotional health, it’s a better stress reducer than drinking a cup of tea, going for a walk, or playing a video game (six times better than that last activity). Although some of the data are from Canada, most of the findings apply equally well everywhere.

This website has talked about how reading (good stuff) contributes to better writing. But research has shown many cognitive benefits of reading, as well, including its ability to provide mental stimulation, improve memory, and strengthen analytic thinking, focus, and concentration skills. Lana Winter-Hébert cites these and other benefits as reasons people should read every day.

Not to understate the case, the folks at WhytoRead begin with the premise that “reading books will save your life.” Their top 10 reasons repeat many of those above, adding “it makes you interesting and attractive.” OK. You can stop there. Sold!