Feeding your Reading Soul

Love the premise behind Shari’s Berries Book + Dessert Pairing Guide. Gone Girl? Raspberry crepes. Alice in Wonderland? Tea biscuits and jam. The most inspired mix of gustatory and cultural delight since cinema sips—“A Modern Guide to Film and Cocktail Pairings.”

reading, apple

He must be reading “The Turk Who Loved Apples”! (photo: Greg Myers, creative commons license)

Now, what goes best with the recent books I’ve read and the movies based on them?

  • Seveneves—whatever. In the bleakness of space, when you’re eating algae, even a matzoh would be divine
  • Blue Labyrinth—a Blue Hawaii that’s a really Aloysius Pendergast-worthy one, what else?
  • The Breaks—those folks should be drinking Jack on the rocks and lots of it
  • Penumbra’s 24-Hour Book Store—lemon mousse, though it need not glow in the dark
  • The Storm Murders—awesome cajun food (no poutine, even though most of the story takes place in Quebec)
  • Inherent Vice—hash brownies, no contest!
  • Mr. Holmes—a honey pie

The extent to which readers link reading and eating is dreadfully apparent to anyone who takes a best-seller out of the library and finds greasy crumb-marks, and often the crumbs themselves squished between its pages.