Longwood Gardens, Spring 2016

blue poppies, Longwood

(photo: Vicki Weisfeld)

The leprechauns at Longwood Gardens have worked overtime to bring early spring visitors a spectacular show sure to inspire. The gardens are located in the greening hills of southeastern Pennsylvania, within nodding distance of both the Revolutionary War’s Brandywine battlefields and the home turf of the Wyeths. Year-round, Longwood is a national treasure that feeds the soul.

At the moment, with spring bulbs still only beginning to awaken, the focus of the gardens turns inward, to its four-acre conservatory displays under glass. The current highlights are beautiful and rare Himalayan blue poppies and a spectacular orchid show.

Year-round the orchid pavilion showcases some 300 orchids in beautiful bloom. They’re from the collection begun by Mrs. Alice DuPont almost a hundred years ago. However, the orchid show doesn’t stop there. Some 2000 additional orchid plants appear in extravagant display throughout the indoor galleries. The photo below shows them trained to form lucious phalaenopsis balls.

orchids, Longwood

(photo: Vicki Weisfeld)

Bid the tail-end of winter good-bye and commit yourself to nurturing a green thumb with the unparalleled inspiration Longwood provides!

Expanding Your Travel Circles: If you’re visiting

  • Wilmington, Longwood is only 13 miles away.
  • Philadelphia: Longwood is 37 miles away.
  • Baltimore, Longwood is 79 miles away.