Busy Day

For the two new members of our family. “First we tore apart this feather thing, then we went to the vet.” Hard to get a clear picture. I tell them to stand still, but . . .

6 thoughts on “Busy Day

  1. Nice looking kitties. Are they Siamese? My writing buddy, Angel, stepped on my keyboard when I was out of the room and it played havoc with my setup.

    • Yes, chocolate point Siamese. I’ve had Siamese cats since 1970. They’re still getting used to their new house and people. In a few days we’ll let them out of my office to roam. Having had a cat who chewed electrical cords (to the point it was a miracle the house never burned down), having them under my desk by the computer is a bit scary!

    • They are perfectly healthy and at this moment, tearing up my office and managing the filing. Who needs a paper shredder!

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