A Writer’s New Year’s Resolutions

2022. Already. The start of a new year feels like the opportunity to roll up our metaphorical sleeves and “this year get it right.” Time management, nurturing the creative spirit, supporting other writers, finishing that poem/story/novel—they’re all aspects of practice and productivity for members of the (you might say “storied”) profession of writers. My own 2022 resolutions:

  1. Finish stuff. When I work on a story, maybe for quite a while, and it’s Just. Not. Perfect, I hesitate to let it go. At that point, I resolve to assess whether additional changes I’m making are true improvements or just a rearrangement of the deck chairs.
  2. Stephen King says something like, “put the cat out.” This is a 2022 resolve I’ve already violated (blame in on William and Charles, pictured below). What he’s getting at it is avoiding distractions. It’s hard to eliminate them, what with cell phones, covid brain, life. Still, going to that private place in my mind is essential.
  3. Take more breaks. This seems to contradict resolution #2, but by giving myself a break—a walk around the block, a feline purr-fest, whatever—may burn up some distraction energy and fit me for unencumbered travel to that private place.
  4. Send stuff out. I will continue to review the list of short stories I’m actively trying to place or re-place every Monday. I keep a list of the stories, where I’ve sent them, yea or nay, and where I might send them next. Keep that list growing!
  5. Put my book promotion plan in order. My first novel is scheduled to come out in April, and a whole year yawned by without meaningfully tackling this impending challenge!

Someone I once worked for displayed this motivational poster: “It’s not enough to be busy, it’s what are you busy about?” If I keep these resolutions, I’ll surely be busy in the most productive way.

8 thoughts on “A Writer’s New Year’s Resolutions

  1. Great set of resolutions. Stick to them, and keep us posted on the new book. Congratulations.

  2. You have a book coming out!!! I must have missed that. Fantastic. I’m so excited for you. I want to know what the story is.
    And yes, that list is excellent. Will be using it.

    • Black Opal Press is publishing Architect of Courage in April–assuming it’s not affected by continued supply chain problems in the paper supply. But that seems unlikely!

          • I remember. I get the title, although I wonder if there is a bit of irony in it, since the architect was not always courageous or even ethical.

            Exciting to think I’ll be able to read it in print.

  3. Victoria, this is a great common sense list of resolutions/best practices for 2022.
    I’d like to reblog this one if that is a good way to support your resolution efforts, and mine.
    Congratulations on the novel. Best success on that and this list this year.

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