29 Ways to Boost Your Creativity

coffee, creativity

(photo: farm3.staticflickr.com)

My blog readers liked the infographic on becoming more productive. Well, before you get all Type A on us, kick back and enjoy this short video on increasing creativity. No problem for me with #8 – COFFEE!  And #11 is easy, too: Surround yourself with creative people.  That’s why you’re reading this, right? You’re one of them for me. This is a great reminder to nurture your creative spirit, wherever it appears—in art, writing, photography, social change—whatever!  You CAN do it.

The key to creativity, I think, is not to try to do all 29 at once—that’s a recipe for disappointment. Watch the video and do one or two. Get some good habits going. Then in a month or two, watch again, and do one or two more. It will get easier. Me? I plan to start by straightening up my office, the floor of which is only rumored to exist.


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